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Um. Weirdest thing in the world. We only have 12 more performances. Not sure what I'm doing next. Which is kind of odd and frustrating. But it's okay. I'm sure I'll figure it out.
In other news, we have 8 inches of snow. (Probably not that much any more because some has melted...but yesterday, we had 8.) Our power was out for 7 hours yesterday. Pretty ridiculously freezing. But whatever, it's back. is pretty ridiculous. Deb's english class is a bunch of work that I'm not sure is worth it. But whatever. All my other classes are basically fine. But that english class. Seriously, the bitch of living. (Hahaha...spring awakening.) No, but really. It's really really difficult. It'll be much better in like 2 weeks, after finals and junk. But whatever. Then I'm half done with my junior year. That's kind of exciting. :)
Looking forward to having some free time when Birdie's over. It'll get old really quickly, which is frustrating. But I'll enjoy it for a while. Especially because I have lots of shows to see. Wish I had a show to be in. Ah well. Ive gotta call Stan. And ask him. Because I'm sure there's something he has for me to do. Love it.

Ummm. Really upset that I can't see Seussical. Buttttt um...I know I'm repeating myself, but I can't believe that Birdie is going to be over in less than a week and a half. It's gonna be so hard to see a lot of the people that I'm going to miss. Morgan? Lives in fucking marysville. When will I ever see him? haha. I'm gonna miss that kid. Love him to death. John Farrey?? ehhhh lives in stanwood. How will I ever get to him? Humphhh. Foy'll be easy. I think she's the only one I'll be able to stay really good friends with. I'm gonna miss all the adults. I cant really spend any time with themoutside of the show. That'd be awkward. Except maybe Shannon and Kristin. I donno. I guess we'll see.
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