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My subject lines are always basically the same thing. Either 'rawrrr' or 'mmm' or some such thing... It's kind of ridiculous.

Mmm. So. I feel like a senior. That's weird for SO many reasons. First of all, I'm fifteen flipping years old. Fifteen year olds are supposed to be sophmores. Hell, some of them are freshman. But how many are juniors? Like none. But I really feel like a senior. Colie and Deebs are both seniors. I think that's part of it. They keep talking about leaving and how hard it's going to be... And I can't really help but agree with them.
It's going to be absolutely terrible when they both leave. Kind of a different situation with Colie. Because I am one hundred percent sure that I'll stay in touch with her. We just have that kind of relationship. And she's just that kind of person. And I love her to death. The relationship we have is not evending any time soon. However...the deebs situation... it's got to end when he leaves..right? Colie and Frommy have been talking about doing along distance thing. I could totally see that working for them. They're one of the strongest couples I've ever seen. They'll have been together for a year next week.
What about me and Deebs, though? 5 months on march 3rd. Feels like so much longer. It's ridiculous. I don't want him to leave. But I can't let myself be upset about it. He's leaving, and there's nothing I can do about it. We just keep telling eachother to enjoy the time we have left. Still 6 more months... it's just hard. And so weird to think about.
I'll be able to drive next year...but where will I drive? Not colie's house. Not deebs house. Wonderful.

On another note. I miss Birdie. I want to do another show. But nothing sounds quite as appealing as Birdie was. Nothing will top it any time soon. Ridiculous. But that's what I say about every show I'm in. right? No. not true. I take it back. Whatever.

I'm meeting deebs in like 40 minutes. I can't wait. ughhh.

Um on one more note. English is the most ridiculous class I've ever been involved in. We got bitched out yesterday. It was maybe the scariest experience of my life. So ridiculous. I was kind of scared for my future. It was trippy.
Then I talked to Margaret and all was better.
That's a lie.
Some was better.

This song reminds me of summer. Walking up and down front street listening to it in the morning. Ohhh I'm so looking forward to summer.
LICENSE!!! 24 weeks. 168 days. Ahhhhhh.
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