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Bah. Haven't updated in forever. I never really have anything interesting to say.
I can't believe i'm almost 3/4ths done with my junior year of high school. That's slightly ridiculous.
But it also seems like it's been going on forever. Birdie seems decades ago. I'm so ready for it to be over. I'm so ready for summer.
My effing license. You guys. I am SO ready.
Children of Eden rehearsals, I hope.
Am I auditioning for Sweeney, too? I haven't decided. gah.
There is seriously so much to do. I have so much english homework to do, it's ridiculous. And what have I been doing all break? Absolutely nothing. Why am I so lazy? It kind of needs to stop.
But will it? No.

I want my license. I wonder if I'll be able to focus better when I'm not constantly thinking "Oh my GOSH things'll be so much easier once I have it." I'm starting to get impatient. Before, I just really really wanted it. Now I'm kind of going insane without it. Why didn't anyone I know freak out this much about their license?? I don't understand.

I adore Epiphany :: Altar Boyz. Adore.
I'm gonna go do some english homework. I have a 600 page book to read and write a paper on by Tuesday. I don't have the book yet. Cool. Why do I procrastinate?
It's my spring break. Shouldn't I be relaxing? Yes. Whatever. haha.

Oh Altar Boyz. I love you.

Blah blah blah.
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