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I got a call on Friday night to audition for Aida on Saturday.
It majorly screwed up plans with Deebs to go see Trans-Siberian Orchestra (ohhh my god - it was absolutely amazing.) Anyway.
The audition was a dance call and singing "My Strongest Suit" which Suzie emailed us Saturday morning. Good thing I knew the song already.
The dance call was incredibly easy, and I was easily the best dancer there. That felt good.
The singing went pretty well...I feel good about that too.
Anyway, got a call tonight for a callback tomorrow at 7pm.

I had to call Mo and tell him I couldn't come to his dance class that's happening tomorrow night, which was really disappointing. I was really looking forward to it.

I think I'm giong to be in Urinetown at SecondStory Rep. I wish I wasn't, but I think I'm going to. Working with Stephanie again is going to make me kill myself a little bit..but hopefully I'll have Aida to go on to after Urinetown.

I want Aida more than I can say. I would be doing next to nothing, but this past week without anything to do has been ridiculously hard. We closed a week and a day ago, but it feels like at least a month, if not more. I just want to be in another show. I want to go to rehearsals (and drive myself, no less), and do performances for three months. I want it so badly. I can't even say why, other than because I love theatre. Shit.

I need to work hard for this. I have no idea what my chances are, and I can't relax because I think I've already got the role. I do that sometimes. Why do I do that? I don't have the role yet, and I need to prove myself.

Also..I feel like such a bitch.
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